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Filipino Kali marital arts could best be described as “weapons based warrior arts”. This word Kali is said to be named after the “Kalis” a bladed weapon, others say Kali is actually a synthesis of two words Kamut and Lihut which loosely mean ‘Hand-Body / Motion’, others still, from ‘Kali’ goddess of destruction. These are hundreds of systems and sub-systems of Filipino Kali, Escrima and Arnis. The system of Kali taught at PFS Ottawa is primarily based on Inosanto-Lacoste blend Kali & Guro Paul Vunak’s influence.
Kali is actually a blade art, the rattan sticks commonly used are for training and full-contact sparring. Rattan is forgiving (although painful) and allows for full contact shots and training aspect of pressure, pain tolerance and reflexes. Kali covers all ranges of combat including found and projectile weapons. Filipino Kali arts are complete systems and include Pangamut (empty hand-boxing and kicking arts) taught separately as Panantukan & Pananjakman and Dumog (grappling). The weapons that are a primary focus at PFS Ottawa include:

• Single Stick
• Double Stick
• Single Knife
• Double Knife
• Stick and Knife (Espada y daga)
• Sibat (staff)(spear)
• Empty Hands (Panantukan – Pananjakman - Dumog

Sub-systems include;

• Higot–Hubud-Lubud
• Abecedario (a,b,c’s)
• large mano
• Sumbrada
• Punyo Sumbrada
• Contra Sumbrada
• Numerada
• Atapi Tapi
• Serrada
• Gunting
• Crossada
• Sankete




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Grant Richardson

Grant Richardson has been training in functional martial arts for over twenty years.
He is a certified instructor in numerous martial arts. His martial arts training include Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & the PFS S.E.A.L Rapid Assault Tactics system.
He has been actively teaching and training people from diverse backgrounds since 1991.
Grant specializes in Hand to Hand C.Q.B. training and edged weapons.